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Women's Health Services in Missouri

Green Hills Women's Health Services

Thousands of women living in a 10-county area in northern Missouri rely on Green Hills Community Action Agency for their health-care needs. Green Hills Community Action Agency Women’s Health Services clinics are open to all people living within the service area, regardless of financial or age restrictions. Fees for the strictly confidential services are charged on a sliding scale based on the patient’s income. Private insurance and Medicaid are accepted, as well as donations from patients and the public. Clinic staff includes a nurse practitioner and educators specifically trained in family planning services.

GHCAA’s Women’s Health Services schedules about 170 clinics a year where women can receive their annual breast and reproductive system examinations, family-planning information and other related services.  The health clinics also provide limited services to men, most often related to STD screening and reproductive health. While the staff of Women’s Health Service focuses mainly on reproductive health, they do refer patients to other medical and mental health providers when needed.

Reproductive health services provided through the clinics include: complete examination of the female reproductive system, Pap Smear tests to check for early signs of cancer, breast examinations, diagnosis and treatment of minor gynecological problems and diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted disease. Staff can also provide education on birth control methods and on natural family planning. Birth control supplies are also available at the clinics.

In addition to reproductive health screenings, Women’s Health Services can provide some laboratory services, including blood pressure checks, hemoglobin tests and urinalysis. Staff also provides educational programs in schools and churches and to community organizations, as well as health workshops sponsored by Green Hills Community Action Agency.

GHCAA’s Women’s Health Services schedules clinics in Caldwell, Carroll, Chariton, Grundy, Harrison, Linn, Livingston, Putnam and Ray counties. Most clinics are conducted during business hours, but some evening and weekend clinics are scheduled. For information or to schedule an appointment for a clinic in Caldwell, Grundy, Harrison, Linn, Livingston and  Putnam counties, call the GHCAA office in those counties or call the main office at 660-359-2855 or toll-free 1-877-611-7600.  For clinics in Carroll County, call 660-542-3247; Chariton County, 660-288-3675; and in Ray County, 816-776-5413.

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